June 2017


“Trump, ‘Covfefe’ isn’t a word. I know you get triple points for using the ‘v’, but it doesn’t count.”

“Bannon, I’m sick of you telling me my words aren’t real. I bet you I can get the entire media using the word ‘covfefe’ by tomorrow. You think I can’t do it?

“…No, no. I’m sure you can. It just doesn’t count for points.”

“Is that a dare?

“No, it’s not. I don’t think it would be hard to do, I’m just telling you that you’re cheating at scrabble.”

“Sir, everyone is telling us that the mainstream media is dead. They call us ‘fake news’.”
“We tried telling them sir, but we are losing a large portion of the population, who are turning to alternative news sources.”
“DAMNIT, don’t they know that Democracy Dies in Darkness? We need to improve our reporting. We need hard-hitting pieces to inform the American republic.”